Thursday, February 25, 2016

How to choose an Auctioneer or Estate Sale Company

Picking an Estate Liquidator, which both Estate Sale companies and Auctioneers are, is a tough decision.  I am definitely biased, but I am going to cover some key questions to ask, if you are looking to sell an estate or collection.
Most people at some point in their  lives are forced to make a decision on how to liquidate an estate. 
The most common and typically there hardest is the passing ( or moving to an assisted living) of a loved one or family member.   So the children or other trusted family member is asked to execute the estate, and find them selves with a house full of stuff and some tough decisions to make.  Here a few criteria  and questions I would ask when interviewing an Estate Liquidator.
1.  Do you feel comfortable with the person?
You are asking this company to sell for you, and at the end of the day they work for you.  Do you get a feeling of  honesty and integrity?  Do they have any reviews anywhere online?  You don't have to love them, but you should feel they are someone working in your best interest.
2.  What is your fee structure?
Everyone has a different fee structure.  We typically work on a Flat percentage of Gross as long as we don't have to move or rent a hall.  This percent covers all expenses except clean out if required.  But other companies charge all or part of the labor, do you have to pay money upfront, is their a buyers premium.  Are you required to pay advertising?  Tables? Credit Card Fees?  Lot Fees?  If your asked to pay these will your sale still be profitable?  I have another Blog about fees to read for more info.
3.  What happens to the stuff left?
No matter which path you choose, there is stuff left.  Who is responsible for it?  We at Have Gavel Will Travel will offer to hire a crew for you to clean out the residence, we have a crew that we feel comfortable with that does this pretty reasonably.  Some companies include this as part of their fees, some don't address at all.  

4.  Is this company insured?
This is a non negotiable  anymore.  Your homeowner may or may not cover any injuries or accidents, so who ends up responsible.  $1 million dollars of coverage is fairly affordable and any estate liquidation company should carry it.

If I was going to sell an Estate these are the  a few of the questions I would start with. 

Walter Holt
Owner Operator Have Gavel Will Travel (hgwtllc)