Friday, April 1, 2016

How to prepare for an Estate Sale or Auction

   We here at Have Gavel will Travel conduct estate auctions, they are similar to estate sales as they are conducted in  house, but we prefer the auction format.  For a list of reasons we have another blog post or see our website.  Many times I speak with family members who want to sell, but want to know how to get ready.  With every company is different, but these are some steps for an ideal sale for us.

  1.  Know what you are selling.  Every situation is different, but I often meet with families that say my brother thinks he wants this, or my daughter wants to look first.  I make my living selling items, I can't make a fair proposal without knowing the scope of what I'm selling.

 2.  We are Estate Liquidators, not clean up professionals.  If you sell pieces before you call me, or try to have your own estate sale, it will be a tough sale.  We need those good or great pieces to have a profitable sale, if they are not their, many big money buyers will not come.  The main reason I turn down sales is lack if saleable items, and the main cause is selling the cream to "save" paying someone to do it.

3.  Stop throwing stuff away.   I cannot tell you how many times a family member has thrown away pieces of junk, only to find out it was worth money.  I once pulled a motor out a scrap pile during set up, only to have it sell for $1400!  There will be items that need disposed of, it's generally better for everyone if you allow us to make those decisions. 

4.  We are not going to use your help setting up.  Me and my time can set up a typical house in under a week.  That's because we have a different point of view than you.  I often ask the family not be there during set up, it slows the process down.

So this is a guide to help answer some questions, if you are looking to have an Estate Sale or Estate Auction in St Louis area, feel free to give us a call for a no obligation consultation. 

Walter Holt
Owner / Auctioneer Have Gavel Will Travel
(314) 517-4013

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